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April 10, 2010
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  What if the instinct they've imagined of me really makes me who I am?
  Who do you think you are?
 The conscious appearance of life after forgetting my name. My identity has been acquired by you under a legal sense as I can be anyone for you.I choose to be unknown to those who possess me with a name.
 They live their lives through property,they want a safer world as possible.Time splinters the idea of property.All that is left behind is nothing but a pile of dead bodies.
 But even they belong to somebody.You forget your alter-ego.He is the naked other.
 All those who carry themselves naked for the eye,as for they need first to be discarded.Hot climate is favourable to do this.Once you take yourself to the temperate zone where people dress themselves ,the murder loses it's original attraction.This starts to put on more and more shades,seeks for motivation and  justification.In other words catches reek of a corpse since the dead body begins to live in people's minds.
 No,really,who are you?A ghost?
  A God with forgotten instincts. Their shadows of the unspoken,their interrogation and their rhetoric response of the non-being.
  The instinct is homicidal only in relation with the others.That's why Gods carry themselves naked amongst men.They don't kill for pleasure but for recognition.
  A greater naivety I cannot see in you:running for distinctions.
  Prometheus deserves his fate.Fire gave birth to corruption,vice and convention unknown to man till then.Prometheus fate is fair.
 On the other side of the coin is the wrath of an ancient God that punished those who sin.Humans changed the premises in their favor.They will fight God with the ones that submit themselves to the same old beast who grows restless with collective evil against God.
  Why people don't see the face of God in you as I do,when you walk amongst them?
  Because I carry the face of evil.Being two faces I mislead the others.I'm at times human only with myself.
 Nothing uplifting in the failure of the act of self-determination with the others,nothing despicable in the satiety of a decadent self.Only thus I can feed myself.
  Man is wolf among men.He devours truth,beauty and justice.Live amongst them if you can.
  When your friendship or forgiveness are rejected to you the consequences will run over your head in a never ending return of the self-same.You are the mirror reflection of the world.
  The world is everything and nothing.The truth is about in the middle and looks down at us into emptiness.Beyond it remain out of control voices of emptiness, a vast dead space that we inhabit and surpasses the organic life that populates with the hope of fulfilling our desires,our beings eroded by the unmerciful time.Now I know what my soul craved for, all this time the moments of celebrating the release of desire instead of quenching them,I collect now from the depths of a consciousness that has been bitterly divided continuously from that time against time itself that dictated me the irreversible way towards my destruction.
  The reality of our desires is arbitrary,there is a truth.Everything that doesn't submit to a law or a behavior,that happens without being comprised in a stylistic formula is more than unknown,is barbarism,boorishness,anarchy.
 Evil is older than reality.Your truths are truths without the power of truth.But how old are they?
 We have different understandings for occurrence.You revolve around it and not making it a fact of conscious.
 And I broke! irremediable and irreversible I passed into the eternity of the past moments of yore linking your sweet smile to all that I will never be.Destiny has already written for me more than necessary.
  This assumption of yours is a religious one.You like playing the martyr,don't you?There you find purpose.
 Religion was science in the beginning.
 Science has begun a parallel count-down of our days remaining on this Earth.
  I cannot find an end,close this knowledge of a religious hazard.
  You go beyond the veil,you don't stop.Nothing is personal to you,nothing fits you.Come down in time!
 Time is out there among the trash, would make a pretty good price on it, who else than antiquarians.
  Don't make a mock of me.The consequences doesn't end but with sleep.Awareness that this is the best possible world ceases with sedatives.
  A touch of idealism I catch in your sight...I wonder of your sanity.
  I'm talking with you,you understand me,as beasts sniffing eachother's bottoms.
  You are definitely out of this world.You lack sense in your statements.Your truth is redundant,a priori,like any truth that meet the logic criterions.You have fallen under the illusion of abstract identity of facts.
I see you!
 The possibility that an event like this to occur is contained a priori in its meaning.You see yourself.
 There you have your freedom,ironically,given the necessity behind every event of consciousness behind every encounter.
 Freedom is nothing more than a a point of view,an appearance and it doesn't stand in my nature to pine for freedom.
 You forgot the ordinary bread,the living soul that craves,you became a stranger to life.
 Life is something very fragile and insignificant for people like us craving for the will of power.Do you read all my gestures?I'm no tyrant.
 Evil is deeply rooted in us and practice upon us a magical power.We might do evil deeds and many times we wait too much to carry them out.
Our thoughts have a reality we want behind them whether for some is the past or the future they imagine.But reality always finds a portal to make this happening.And reality can far exceed an individual,you take for example Jesus and entire reality which is now history build around his wordsthoughts.'Salvation' always comes from outside and it is possible others will live it for you as in 'Jesus' example.
I'm waiting for reality to open it's portal for you.
This is happening for reason of brainwaves control.Sheep awaiting for tuning from a machine.A savior will tune reality with his brainwaves even if at this moment reality can allow this kind of tuning for the well being of the sheep.Reality nowadays is post-factum,we know this from Jesus spiritual experiences.
 Evil is not to be found in the world.You have to emerge from death in order to rise from evil.Only then you can give immortality to the seekers.
 I want that freedom.
 Then prepare yourself:they will strip you barren and make mince meat of you.They will give your desire a name.
 I was no stranger to desires and yet I rejected them as principles of death in the becoming.The one who handed my such gifts knew how much I valued.But this was a path without an end or finality.Seldom I regret I didn't let myself depraved by the world.I would have grown wise.
  As the old saw has it that with age you become wise.It is written in your genetic code that at some point in time,in a distant future you will gain wisdom which is not an outcome of your aging.Therefore 'being a God' is the expression of a certain age that doesn't have the organic(vital) as a reference point in the becoming.Gods do not age,they are extinguished and replaced by new ones in a never returning of the self-same.
  I hate you and your science.
  Hate makes us excel ourselves.Hate is present,evil is not.
  I never wanted to stain my soul with hatred.On the existential level it was a suicide.Hate keeps you alive.
  When hate ceases to have objectives we are in danger for ourselves.Hate is a so necessary law of nature that I need to revolt against my hatred.
  Hate is never turned on an individual as a number.
 The crowd expects the same visual treatment every time because they bet on somebody in the arena so they have a vital interest in the unfortunate ones.And when somebody breaks the rules,their vision is obstructed.Rage against the ONE.
  If hate remains designed outside it's no good.It has to give you satisfaction,to be the very end you live for.Hate must be brought into sensory.Only this way you can get over the pain your neighbour induces to you and for which is responsible.The other must be devalued and demystified all the time and killed if necessary,in other words he must cease to exist.I conceive hate only as exceeding one's authority.
   Who takes such a decision, to kill a fellow man,must go through several preparatory stages,at least in theory that if they do not kill in cold blood or under an emotional distress,jealousy,passion,wounded pride,or whatever they call all those feelings that make a man slave of his instincts,a pariah as the Brahmans called all those who they weren't allowed to touch.
 Murder is not an injustice but an end.Injustices are always present crimes are not.What would happen if we punished crime in itself?
 When fear becomes rational when evil happens! In other words when fear which finds its spring in the other, or in what it is, the latter being a case of conscience, then you have to cut its roots, man being unable to build on the idea of property anything on its background.
 Yes,the beast is the golden calf,the hebrews made in the absence of Moses.And they willingly gave their possessions at first to feed this beast.Then they understood in the absence of Moses what a 'spiritual possession' is and gave their lives ,throwing themselves into the pit.
 Evil is allowed to those who have the strength to keep it under control and to produce it mechanical.Timing is essential.This is what we call genocide.The executioner is the supreme judge and justice at the same time.
   When your space is unbreathable with the other you need to make room for yourself.Here Christian morality cannot stop you,because the whole thing depends on your bodily and mental hygiene, is simply a cleaning job.Among everything that generates these hostile feelings towards your fellow man,vengeance,ill blood,envy is at the origin a vile and abject soul.Revenge is useless tells us a Buddhist teaching that cannot relate anymore the other with his own contemplative being.
 The soul should be abandoned as a heavy and obscure reality.As if a woman it gives birth by friction with the outer world at too little beauty.
  What the hell,are you an inspired one?
  Yes,give it to me.This is what I want:identity.
    High-minded I look into the future
  Without a center I'm everything and nothing
    Centers all around me thinking of alterity
   I stretch myself to infinity.
    Everyone tries to catch you under their law and if they won't find you a reason they will try to buy your lying.And this one says:I am...
  My identity was dissociated from my indifference to your motive.
  This is what are you trying to escape from,motives that will connect you with the world.Don't you have an interest to justify yourself?
  I don't want to save myself.Read me my rights,your Honor.I cannot be the same with the other.The measure of my identity is given by my alterity.
 The other has himself,you don't have youself,you say to you and your eyes peer a strange tattoo on your left hand:it's is an anti-Christ out there!
  Identity is the foundation of every material thing whether constructive or structural and its value for mankind and us as humans.Identity is what you cannot see,you cannot touch,but without you cannot live as a man,you cannot breath.
  You breath the same air with the others or you breath death?
  You cannot question the right to life of the others that imposing a new life order.The saints are the best example.No religion was strong enough to destroy this right.That's why they remain exterior to man.
  But I'm not talking about the enforcement of extermination but a solidarity in front of death.
 Solidarity in front of the eternity of uncertainty?
  People show solidarity only in front of a certain death,in life everyone manage as they can.
 Life is static only when this occurs to lead in a single direction.It's the moment we all been expected to give rise to a untrue assertion.This untruth only is the subject to any legal process.
 The directions are not opposable,there are ways that tend in themselves with such passion that space makes room for them and becomes itself one direction.Can you conceive an act whose motivation is given by you alone?
.  Motivation is entirely Christian. Better said,external motivation, is a sign that one is a good Christian.
 Christianity puts an end to reason, everything is set up on a static land that doesn't support the becoming.Christianity doesn't bear life on this earth.
  It’s death we are concerned with. The utopia of a perfect society that will overcome the fear of death through immortality awakens doubts about the complexity of the human personality.To reproduce indefinitely a character is simply impossible,the idealization of life lies in human nature, when feelings rise to the rank of the absolute,this is not healthy but rather pathologically.
  A rotten blood flows through my veins and rises up to my brain increasing this corpse's hallucinations for which it is too early to fill the earth with his history.Is it the same as the experience of death,the consciousness of death and if not confused by both does really happen the organic death in a dream?
 It's interesting how both life and death have only one chance in common.You don't get to live them twice.
  Life is too painful for me to go on like this.
  We want to overcome at all cost the unpleasing for only faith can help you.But the pain is enough for me and I seek it as long as it provides me a feeling of completion.
 How so?
 Pain knows no logic,it's beyond subject and its changing it as it likes,throws it in a whril of colour and after its mood it blackens your sight or it bleeds your conscience.
  When you experience pain the essence of the world is revealed.But even suffering assumes a polarity subject-object,myself and world for in the end when the pain is gone the subject remains all alone because time heals the wounds and leaves behind a conscious self present not in reality but in his own.
  What can you do?
  I can't stay regardless anymore and my boldness will be discharged with blood.Pure hatred gives the measure to our humanity therefore all it's disciples are cold monsters like me.
  You despise me I can see it and if you'll forgive me I will hate you.I cannot love a weaker vessel than myself.Whether you submit to my will or I'll drown myself.This is my free will.
  Don't do it.We need you.
  Without a sense of reality you cannot close an obsession.My obsession with hatred.
  You are wrong.This conscience brought you to compulsion.The deepest you descent into organic,being witness at your own blood flow,a dreadful necessity,I tell you,nobody would like to know why a body bleeds.You admire yourself?You wouldn't like to know what you admire.Admiration is already a quality.
  Your projection as a different self is there,standing by,lurking and if you push yourself to the edge of your reason is unexpectedly your visitor.
  Why our conscience is unaware of the world's beauty?And why it lashes out when needed to transcend the daily existence?
  When you want something so bad and your conscience doesn't support you this means that your will is not free.You want over what your freedom won't permit.
  But this freedom you are talking about doesn't exist.They crushed my will.
  It's there as long as you compose yourself as an individual,it's present in your voice.
  I want that freedom I'm seeing far reaching,supressed by cough whenever I get around it.It is my inner voice which accompanies these angry words against the most beautiful feelings of freedom.
  Be careful.You'll take in possession the far reaching and we don't want this to happen.Here take these red pills and you will feel just fine. It's a step forward in understanding your health.It compels you to take action.
  Did anyone stated his freedom to be complete or in other words was he allowed an absolute freedom?
  The experiences of freedom in my childhood are unapproachable.The reflection over the act itself is impossible.Freedom is to be lived forward in life and not backwards.
  Once you have tasted the fruit of freedom...
  Isn't this what you wanted:the flight,its ease and light.Why do you find it hard to fly among people?(Bang,a gunshot is heard)
  Some actions are sacred,you don't have the right to interrupt them.
  What purpose has my existence if I can't be like a sun?To give light to the darkest parts of my conscience,to shine like the scales of a dragon in the sun.To command me:I want! Yes,take a look at me and fulfill your will.(He dies)
  Your truth isn't born from contradictions that's why it has no history.
  Yes,I have the lowest power you believe it's the absolute freedom in not willing to make a choice.My truth I stand for is very simple as long as it has no history of a path of choices in this life. For keeping the right path in front of me, I sacrificed all available choices even the belief in God for being orchestrations above me.You can find my lies spread easily as this one you've already read.
 Some of my messages will be erased from your conscious.
 How will they be deleted?
 An answer like that only the matrix can give you.
Schizoid scherzo dramatized
[link] (Schizoid scherzo) my best work
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