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May 25, 2009
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 Today's civilization is somehow synthetic,which is finite.People that you see on the street bear time as decay,first their bodies then their spirit.You see history as the ancient egyptians want you to see past,present and future because is their synthetic breakthrough concept.And they placed their concepts of life and death in history.Smart move.As a result their dead spirit lives today.It's the analytic breakthrough I'm interested in and this one takes place in France,Europe with Descartes.The world of the machines you see today sprouted as mere applications in this synthetic world of the analytical mind.The industrial revolution in Europe that followed the analytical cracking of the synthetic world,which is God's world,was quickly understood by the European powers at that time.'Cogito,ergo sum' is the thought that opens up modernity with a new problem.Is whether we rationalize life or we leave its development to a synthetic way.Synthetic is to be a science,think at all the Greek culture who developed tools for understanding reality.One problem puzzles me,whether another species are analytic or synthetic.Carbon based life forms are synthetic but think of a race that is based on silicium (silicon)and is analytical entirely in means and purpose.What is their universe looking like? Now,if you grow a synthetic culture to a purpose or an end,lets imagine we build a rationalized universe as once the greek culture wanted but failed in time,you will get the same tools for the understanding of the universe,only these tools will be tuned for a synthetic carbon based life form.

about Progress
 I have never understood why people believe in a better lifestyle other their present one,what gives them this confidence that they can replace a natural order with high tech theatricalities they believe they open their minds with.Progress outside nature is as natural as GMO.
 This could be easily explained that gaining political power over a way of life as primitive as it may sound to their intellect was an act that corrupted the innocence of man and replaced a so called savagery with slavery.You don't have a choice when they put a rifle into your hands to defend a law which is a post construct of that way of life.
 The soul has been left as a wrecked vessel into a sea of despair.It can no longer guide them into the ocean using a navigation system or the sea currents or even set sail.The soul we abandoned lies on the sea floor turning himself into a coral to nurture other lives than the ones that had him in their grasp to reach new horizons.
 Nowadays,being a human is just a deliberate convention society puts as a burden on every individual.I had a strange disillusion yesterday.'Human' is dead,not just as a word but also as a reality.I put this intuition in relation with the thought Nietzsche had when he said God is dead.True for both of us.

 When the desert that sketches north Africa and the middle East stretches too wide it snaps giving rise to the morgana of a beautiful girl in the hot sun.It's what they where looking after all the greatest warriors since Alexander the Great.The great oasis is there to be found.Further East sketches the Gobi desert which can't stretch its way out of Asia being hammered down by the Himalayas under the immense pressure of Buddha himself.Instead it created a mirror image of Himself in the Gedrosian dessert which took the life of the Great Alexander.

the Delayed
 Time in the universe is delayed by light.There is undoubtedly a hiatus between what actually happens in the universe and what we see happening.Science has always mastered predictions far in the universe.Proper science jumps in time,looking backward and forward in time.Time is cellular for the time being.Independent and interdependent.When it comes to relate time either positive and abstract with self entities you get a glimpse of a time network that grows relentlessly in your grasp.Time has matter when is confronted by it and emerges in temporal tissues as the organs that keep our bodies in life.Think of our neural circuits that speed up our perception on basis of electricity.Light up your brain for the storm to come.Do it in time or elsewhere you'll be delayed.There is only one possibility of having the exact time in the universe and it isn't given by a precise clock rather by presence.Your presence in the universe is time itself.You see now elsewhere around you only your image.If you try to relate with the actual events you participate in you'll be delayed from the actual happening.Your vision is a construct of reality and can far exceed reality backward and forward in time always in search for the present.Now is all there is happening around you.Everything else,past and future are just constructs,either emotional or intellectual and as long as you believe in such fantasies you are mistaken to believe in their presence.There is nothing you can do to alter the reality you have fallen as prey.Your life is secure now,your gifted self has turned it into a prison for your senses.Isn't is so,you are in control now.Or are they?In the cage you ask yourself,who are these masters I know as matter of facts.And then you'll try to establish a link with eternity.Faith is the last resurgent of a bleeding mind.The nervous system is ash already.

Hierarchy of needs
 Your will to represent the others in your conscious will always notify the world of each other presence in the world.But will this world need more personnel, and if so, under which lacking if not of desire then of a weak will.Or is it the lack of labor force?This usage has at its root the desire to be represented into the world,a constituting human desire without the inner hierarchy.And as long as you are enslaved by your desire caught in that image which is your representation and the world your representation you will be enslaved by any possible worlds around you.But there is at last hope,in the suspension of desire.Is this the hope of the world or of a better world?Undoubtedly not.Because the world cannot suspend itself or by whosoever desires so.The world creates dependency around it but also selection.Fighting all alone against a constituent worlds of a working principle of beings that comprise it it's only revealing pain, torment and temptation, a little too close to everything the Saints felt by rejecting their desires.Selection confirms the rule, however, the world is my representation and so it should remain.For nobody to break the mastery of the self requires a differentiation in the human condition that later will change into a hierarchy.We can make an analogy with the castes of India.You will find voices, in particular on the european continent to challenge an issue of an order in the name of equal rights, either of chance or for work, isn't it the same thing?It's a cruel world they all say basically not knowing about what world is all about.Rising at the height required by the time of his predecessors, Nietzsche puts the presence of the others in his representation of the world,  presence that requires a whole new phenomenon, the will of power.Alone,my will  makes it possible the meeting of  the two superimposed worlds but without an order is impossible to determine a hierarchy that will be trampled on by the power of the human will that thus will have appropriated the world through representation.

Antic equations
 To live intensely, not incidentally but what ID can tell you how strong you are if these experiences do not resolve some issues of conscience.And if it becomes a feeling of self-conscious without communication it  remains an organic, alive self conduct.His will is hasty, now present, lively, logical and numeric grounded in the right figure.He wants to move, move out into the world, a figure in the equal opportunities of the law, always in life.The prophets have put emphasis on the math of an arbitrary justice which solves an equation inclined toward contrivance.The alignment chances are low, the thought runs away from me and hides at the square number.I find it in the right measure of the equation, not in the equality of opportunity but of an irrational number.It breaks from me something elemental, is, alas,the tautology of its meaning and I grow in confidence that the balance of power is tilted by my weight of irrational powers.The mathematical aether is mastering the minds of the prophets,their lie, their logical reducer of a split existence between right and wrong that is threatening existence on both sides of the equation and how much they need signs these prophets.The previous ones most used one prophecy, natural,an organic sign that didn't reach reality by chance and was a perishing mark for a day for which the sun worked his zenith.This  quite fine observation  made possible the emergence of slavery in the ancient world.We all ask ourselves, how did humans give up so easily a natural freedom to be put into an equation?For man is not interested in what side of the equation hangs his fate.His snapping of his full-body movements tamed the species.Any equation relates to education.You can't belong to a master without the equal sign describing now your presence in the world along with a natural identity.The chances of survival will always indicate a rational identity.The rationality of the Jews that had been working uninterruptedly for Pharaoh broke in the end.To get out of slavery in the ancient world that does not know zeros measures, it remains only a divine calculation, a collective identity.I call it informal identity.The Jews were liberated from slavery from the Egyptians by entering the irrational number as a constant in the sign that describes their behavior.The ancient gods were powerless in the face of the new irrationality of the number one,their quality was reduced to tautology.Good and evil, always in  naturally given measures in the world as a sign of an equation between good and evil will undergo qualitative transformations that will pass the facing of the two natures in  principles present in another world than the real-life of the newly liberated people.

Relative light
 There are jews in the universe who cannot travel faster than the speed of light.That is why they settle down to Earth.And they've told you by Einstein that such a thing isn't possible for them,all the others are willingly to try.Let's try a comparison with Moises.The laws that sound sane as long as they forbid such bad things to happen because their God doesn't allow moral light,well,we've broken them,us as humans.

Know Thyself
 The Greek democracy begins in time with the dictum of know thyself, with the will of recognizing the unhealthy human instincts since then, ending up with Aristotle for which man was both holding God and have sought the animal in him.A parable meets logic in the Bible with the going through the fire of Sodom and Gomorrha. If the Greeks founded a political fortress, Jews have founded its morality.Beyond knowing thyself you summarize yourself to a choice that is the origin of those times that recognize the beginning as a convention,a rule or demeanor worthy of that dictum.Greeks looked backwards at their nature never ashamed as the Jews whose God turned into ashes any temptation that recognized the perversion of the human nature.The Greeks did not turn their backs at the sight of this warping human nature as the Jews, they preferred a political direction through a set of laws that will take the place of morality.

Organic gravity
 When you descent enough into organic,you become spectator at your own blood flow, there is no turning back,you raise your life to the rank of an absolute experience, you've paid your return ticket to its performance and you become afterwards witness to the competitive organization of life.This revolves around your own atoms and if you link these atoms to a single physical gravity other than your own,the organic gravity will collapse, everything will be doomed to an awful lot, despair and its support,pessimism.We can find in history the same auspices under the greek culture.

 Faith in Jehovah is the belief in the end of our temporality, whether it's growing, aging, disease or whatever that approaches us to the death of the body.We have created a God not for immortality but to generate new life enhancements, genetic inoculations into the genealogy of life.Who and whom will still have the right to complain about in the future? To a God loaned from Annunaki, after which we created a model of a life with all the shortcomings of the biological mechanisms that make our beings finite.But then what did they lend us, life or death?

 If evolution was grounded in the real Earth history,than all humans with no exceptions would find the next step of evolution not only few Elects as protective as survival of the species itself.

Cathedrals of Flesh
 For those their soul is a cathedral,for reptiles that is the meat.Species of reptiles are so many cathedrals dedicated to the flesh.God in the flesh must have been a dinosaur, a species without competitor.Their Extinction has meant the end of an evolutionary peak whose power will remain unequalled on Earth which survived in spirit or the holy spirit to descend among a less evolutionary breeding.For what has been human history than a bloody quest for God.Behold,your God in flesh and blood is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, rapacious as bloodthirsty as your soul devoted to immortality and hatching in an oral tradition together with all the dinosaurs eggs.Your communion and sacrament with the body and blood of Christ remind you every time that you need to feed with each others flesh to save your soul!

I found these revelations in the ancient cultures.
You are the tree of life but you are not a man but a plant.(nominal thinking)
I'm a wind that blows into you,making your seeds  fall into man's needs.(the doctrine of the reminiscence)
You,the tree of life,a giver but also a taker of life for those who seek shadow under your leaves.(the prodigal son,individualism)

  The cell's constructs
 The self or all the other identities with functions of a centre are semantic constructs of the cell.They belong to it no matter how confident we are when we are talking about them.On their behalf and with their help we have built a symbolic reality characterised by a boundless linguistic game as long as it radiates from our self or selves.The organic support of the universe is devoid of identity itself  and self-sufficient enough to remain alive through cell division.Its attributes are recognizable in the genetic heritage of early life.That is why life is everywhere the same in the universe from its origin.Life in this universe is a physical constant.What is special and pleads for an identity is the formula of life.The Earth is the melting pot of diversity of this formula, perhaps other planets also host a much simpler formula composed of a single cell that knows only the edges of the horizon of that planet.Such a form of life would not know the phenomenon of death.Death as a phenomenon explains why a cell found in its division a way of life through individuals.The centre of an individual isn't the the cell or its division,but the semantical construct,the fact that we can talk about ourselves endlessly, referring to ourselves as centers.What we don't know is that apart from the singularity of an individual in the world he builds consciously with each concept, conditions for sustaining a self-sufficient life.The individual is the tool of life.When it comes to human life its uniqueness is the last thing we think about.Medicine,law or science work with tools that fit the specifics of life between a set of coordinates we believe by virtue of their generality that they keep the most conducive to life.What is mutually shared that maintains life is recognizable in a short time.Continuity of these sciences and the instrumental  spell that has inspired life by its safety, cannot be ruled out today.

Cloning time
  I'm the memory of some foreign beings,dependent on static since time immemorial when life was hiding in shells.I kept alive the remembering of the tools of making spiral shells.In themselves time shall be aggregated with each circular motion around your life.When you have a shell attached to your back alike snails, time belongs to you and doesn't alienate you from its fosilized essence.Part of you,time defends your life whenever time and life are all the same,when time works at maintaining life and vice versa,life is the image of time.That life originated in the dark has the evidence of life's propensity to protect itself in shells, under the scales or in caves,in hideouts,or igloos.There you find life but in the dark and it approaches time as you move up to its complexity.And if such a life assumes the risk of exposing itself to light,will burn in its ailing radiation giving birth to mutations.As we move away from the Sun we get closer to the original formula of life.In fact life mutates from its inception when it found a stable chemical formula and a reproductive one to represent it.But the core of all carbon-based life forms remains the same,it belongs to an individual only temporarily,time being the essence that alienates life by the action of an individual existence.And the action of the individual tends to preserve the finality of life.The cause of this action remains unclear to this day, it tends to something that doesn't contain it.If you study all the fossils found on Earth,you will learn that life has used every means to reflect time.Life began to divide itself with time but it is impossible for individuals to wear the mark of the same time.Here comes the reality of our senses that diversify our temporality.Is there anything outside the shell,outside time?This is the common ground for any living being.Why is it there?No one can give a definite answer.There are identical structures that protect each other and different structures that tend to hide from one another.The crucible of all temporal existence is the plurality of individuals where these meet eachother.In reality we all ask the right to live.However, these facts do not stand in front of the cloning technology into identical individuals.The problems are not so much of ethical nature as the realistic opportunity to sustain a livelihood which refuses the plurality through the very denial of the existence of the individual structure of life.Clones have big problems with the nervous system, there isn't a reality that can  support a altered psychological structure.The need of a clone may not have a corresponding in the structure of reality or reality asks of a clone a need this cannot bear, the adherence to the temporal.That's why any cloning is a success over time.

Time for evil
 There is a insurmountable difference between being and purposefulness,a void between living and dying and those who want more from this life turn their prayers to the relentlessly time to give them a respite, to lengthen the distance between being and a goal that approached utterly into being, i.e., absorbed in the subjectivity,reveals our finite nature.Nature abounds with finality but only man may suspend the finality and thus prolong his life.But isn't this a contradiction? Man is part of nature that created us by virtue of a goal.We can create finite beings, humans have created a God and now clones,the unseen face of God,himself.And the clone cannot prescribe,judge but is.There is no limit in the nature of these creations, which says that what occurs naturally is supposed actually to happen, soothing eh,the limitation does not exist.God is not only necessary but also imperfect due to the impossibility of fulfilling its attributes in the world.Evil, war, disease, abnormality are as many forms of His imperfections.How do we explain the existence of so many failed models of nature?The Greeks placed the fulfillment of life under the sign of fatality.The ethical determinism came into the world that made it possible the understanding the necessity of the moral laws.Generating bans and interdictions ,the divinity  prescribes the necessary formulas of  being.For us the deadbeats.But how can you correct something that is the corrupt from birth by senses,by something that is necessary for life?After you have given these laws, people have begun to understand them.The science or the art of  keeping us away from evil was lost or faded with the Book of the dead for the Exodus to master the science of committing crimes much sophisticated then the laws that ban them,moral crimes.The distribution of justice in the world is a divine act at home and man will decide which blood must be shed in the absence of a moral compass.Because I don't see how justice will be trickled along God in man without the knowledge acquired in advance of the divine attributes.An arrogance so long as all man claims is possession of full knowledge of the nature of the necessity for these laws, in other words the suitability to pass as a watch in the night .And what is needed is actually a ghost.History is only a confirmation of human possibilities to do evil.Evil has two faces, one objective which is recognized when people hurt each other and one subjective which really doesn't know what is wrong.Evil in its ignorance of cause cannot write a history.The finality of the evil is the world by no means that it needs to happen in the world compelling man (to defend himself?) but is the only way you can justify the moral laws.

Radioactive heaven
  All the space of our universe is radioactive. Here is a false assumption contradicted by a prejudice as simple as possible, life eternal.One question is raised: is there in the universe a space to react with it? The response of a mind which is venturing beyond the light is that yes, there is eternal life in the hypothesis of a non-radioactive space.But lets drop the term  forever for a moment, and we'll find out after centuries of scientific searches that the material of which consists the living matter is a result of an explosion of a sun, that summarizes a long range of radiations. Life itself is bio-energy, inhabited by atoms,essentially is radiation and if it is drawn up after a celestial model of a stars has a beginning and an end of a consumption. Here, however, a simple prejudices may put into question the scientific foundation of the universe. How is it possible that life eternal to exist and where we find this space free of radiations? If  not in this universe then where else? Another question is raised, why we burden a life made from organic material if after all faiths and religions eternity  is something that we access after death. Life begins,consumes itself and dies in radioactivity. Light has reached spaces far beyond life and so will do one day life itself.. But what if the light will be reaching due to man a space inaccessible to man, life eternal? Science will  light one day man's life, his searches, will give all his questions an answer only that despite its tool,the light, the methodology and its purpose will have substituted man already.

Timing angels
 The first sparks of light in the universe have been called Angels.They may travel in and out the world of today, but extinct.Their rightful place in the universe is the life they lit.They are always in constant search of the nature they've broken from,which beckons beyond space and time and without which their own existence would not glimmer in the hope of a future life.An Angel's life is consumed in the light and finds at the end of its existence always his way home.Through the dark, time is running without a clear opposition, it can be said that only the light measures time and the time of an angel comes out into the light.So there are angels who seek a reflection of their lost nature in people.When they found their own image in one of us they pass into oblivion the life which has made possible their knowledge.Life always breaks from a time during which he hosted it, fragments, memories, depositing hours as snails deposit time in shells.They remain in their wake while time anchors in reality through the need to duplicate it in your own shell and to survive a rule that dictates any living being, the eternal return.For life travels and spreads throughout the universe much faster than the speed of light.Life and time are not the same as long as they have their own computing measures of objectivity of each, which is in fact the presence of the act of life over time.And the actual presence is not something that can be measured objectively,the existence of a living organism at some point may be discovered in a time that no longer creates dependence on time otherwise we would revive life in almost all species that lived on Earth and rebuild the virtual past of the lives that had faded long ago.The membranes that separate the organic impurities make it possible the emergence of ' temporal ' cells and  each molecule adjust its organic functions in time by removing time from an abstract model of spatial solids which have governed their states as principles of existence.These pure spaces, in complete congruence, compile the geometric model that can hold everything that can happen in life, reproduction and death.You can adjust your life to just a single abstract rule to get an infinite number of conceptual development that can become constructive assumptions.  

The Camel's back
 I am aware of a straw to break the camel's back.This is happens at the zoo today or by looking at too much Animal Planet.The world wonders who broke the back of the camel.There is an untold story behind it.All comes from the burdened spirit which for Nietzsche the untold story behind the burdens is just an illusion due to the burden they bear.With pleasure I would say, because it is a desert in front of the past, and no height that would really task the memory.The spirit of the camel is also broken like her back but to understand this you have to know your body.Thus you will not shine in the shadow of the knowledge of the possible conditions (Kant) of life in the desert but you will shine throughout your skin.The metamorphosis of the camel into the lion takes place also in front of the TV program, in other words in the public arena they slaughter lions not chickens.Who doesn't want the thrill or the feeling at hearing a voice so powerful that  shudders your body?All the orgasms happen today in public,it's the oral sex definition.The becoming or the bringing forth to the public's attention is taking place as a result of the birth of the child without known parents.This child will be adopted by humanity as we adopted the spirit of Nietzsche.
They say the burdens you take are not overwhelming because you are a camel,you were made this way,we don't make the rules only conventions.And the camel besides its broken back has a broken spirit,given by men.They only saw the hole in her back.Well,they say we can use this hole in the desert.

            Letter to a friend
 My dear friend,I've lost many battles in my life that only have made me stronger for the times to come.But these times never came.I caged myself into an iron box,no one can break,not even the strongest sedatives.It was a defensive mechanism.I discovered my being in a time that revolved around me,helpless,defenseless and I turned my gaze from it.It was a mistake,I coudn't interpret it's sexual behavior.I couldn't find my being in it.I shattered this illusion,the indians call maya.There is no way to live in time only if you make it yourself,if you break its boundaries.I think at times that I'm part of the pyramids in Egypt or a stone in Stonehenge,something that possesses a power beyond time only to feed the imagination of those who think of themselves free beings in front of the immortals.My time now has clay feet,cannot move and it's stuck in a moment of contemplation.I can reach your thoughts even miles away only to see a world left in decay,remnants of a time when Gods have walked amidst humans.Gods need no language to love their creations.They are highly esthetic beings in love with the beauty of this world they think their own.And beauty we possess,whether is inner or in our sight.I had my moments of revelation when put in front of a panorama of a city like Tel Aviv I could hear its screaming.This city is in pain,I felt it there lying on the beach.Cold structures,skyscrapers,a money built society that is poorer than arhaic ages for it pursues wealth not really enjoying it.When you build something of concrete you get closer to your death,actually you live in a mummified environment.Today's tombs are the largest metropolises.I hope your departure into the mountains may bring you the deepest thoughts on humanity,a freed from all your demons you carry inside helped by sedatives and fought by a great consciousness of our time.

Triumph of the will
 They lose themselves in this world and this allows them what is thought to be their freedom for there is no respect for a life of integrity.The life of Jesus was to his crucifixion worth living.Beyond God's word they discovered their emptiness,few believed in its glory.When you refuse to formulate thoughts,when you have surpass their need for living, you discover that you place yourself alone in life,you take life as it is,not hating yourself but in its awe.Because words defeat your self,they control your hate.I crossed the threshold of the most precise expressions and I found their end.I buried a world created by words.In the beginning there was the word and the word was God.At the end there was life eternal.And this life you don't live through words.Life doesn't comprehend God.Treading on God's death you receive the eternal life of one that has his self.This is the meaning of Christ's resurrection, the meaning of a faith that went beyond the beginning and found itself beyond the word of God in life.
 Let your words come to me.I want to teach you how to overcome them through life.In the beginning there was the word, and the word loved to do the Lord's work but crucified by people understood in the end that his life was not the word.He learned that people hurt, sacrificing himself, being and using words as tools.He would have been crucified by their word in common agreement with life.For only on the cross you overcome the beginning and find out that the word stays away from life.The Word no longer helps the crucified One.
 The triumph of the will it's the perfection and the ultimate expression of the christian life.It took the death of God on the cross for man to possess his will.Will is one whether divine or human.In the chronological sense, life is the expression of the will.

Back to theology
   It's foundation lies in the opening words of God in the holy Bible.When God finally worked out the white man he exclaimed: Oh my God,what have I done!I'm brilliant.And then he created Adam,who turned his back on Him.The white monkey,after Darwin,started epic battles throughout history with Adam's descendants to impose the true nature of God.In this battles he discovered the truth about his nature Adam once knew but hid from the world.This nature is one with God and is now opened to anyone.
  What do you mean? Could you explain that a little farther. Are the Gentiles the angels and demons with the most knowledge or does India and the East control privileges to the tree of life?
 You did realize I linked the old text of Bhagavad Gita with the Bible.The epic battles that took place long before Buddha's coming in the Indian culture(world) tell us about a truth you will encounter later on the frontispiece of the oracles throughout Greece:Know yourself.After Indians what will always prevail in the world is nature.But there is a hint in Bhagavad Gita about this nature:heroes learn in the end that they fought their own kin,brothers,sisters,fathers,mothers.Is what psychoanalysis in the late thirties called the God complex.
 You know that every evolution of the human nature is painful as hell.But this is not the nature of our heart but of our brains.Heart keep us linked with the purity of the other we conceive as our God.That is why we fall inlove with eachother.Bhagavad Gita lacks this understanding.Only the Bible brings it into questioning.
  This is where I stood few nights ago.You can see in this picture I made that man has nowhere to go.You have only two options,go back or fall.And then happened,I fell.There is a precise similarity with one of Jesus temptation on the mountain.He also fell into an abyss only to be brought back to light be the angels in his heart.The body never survives the fall.From that moment on you are either an angel or a demon.
  You know why Adam and Eve covered their genitals in front of God's eyes,they wanted a blood line in paradise,to celebrate sex inside heaven;back on Earth sex has always been a ritual.As a jew Jesus wanted to keep the blood line network inside the jew community.It's quite funny how Christians turned Jesus,a walking God into a spiritual guru.The holy spirit is shared but must be within a blood line.This gave birth to a government which was monarchy in Europe.

The deified one
 Easy steps will follow him soon into the desert, where you go to the deepest of ravines that have swallowed the unfortunate ones.There in  the depth of darkness they groan with pain,down there the stones retain from their suffering a wave of silence impregnated now on their dead,decomposing faces that resonate in deafening echoes between the steep walls of the abyss.Their curse is perpetuated in the world with every wave that moan quietly,shaping a world pass into darkness through the last final gesture of the collapsed.An obscene gesture passes the living into non-existence, the pain into silence, solitude in a grimace.To bend the truth about this abyss of humanity when you are on the brim of its bleeding lip,on the edge where everything is resolved spontaneous,you simply refuse to save them from the grasp of despair of those thoughts that were born out of fear in the face of death when looking how to keep, like the people who discovered the fire, this time your life.Those who use their powers beyond understanding are called gods, others left in distress will perish.This contrast that draws the world is called duality.The essence of the world lies in opposition,otherwise there isn't eye for knowledge. I sit  now all alone guarding the wood which flickers slowly,maintained only by the the memory of the extinct but necessary ones before my deification.I will take the firebrand into the abyss,I will rummage through their bones for a human skeleton model that has set himself free in this world.When it will take consistency and the pieces are complete, I will show him before you under the form of a totem.People will venerate knowledge again, people will love him more precious than life, the earth will deify.

A coherent theoretical system that adds nothing to the explanation of the world is actually equivalent to the the world.In fact it’s the mirror image of the world.Physical laws don’t describe reality but tune it to a theoretical system that is the image of the world in a mirror.There a physicist will discern the static and the movement of the image, a logician will isolate the identity of the image,an artist will see the color and composition.But few will accede to a truth for which the mirror image of the world lies in an absence .Man has always understood to cover this lack with fictions, complementing its image to completely saturation.For everything lies in details and when someone discovers a new look and even somewhat grotesque that simplifies things than the mirror reflects the power of judgement of that man.The fascination of such an image in the mirror is in the correspondence with reality.But isn’t it so, when we look in the mirror our imagination tends to fly and some people even fall in love with what they see in there, strong anchoring themselves in reality, in other words they work to transform their image in the world by means of the mirror.The mirror helps to fulfill the predictions that people inlove make regarding their own image, how must they appear before the world.It’s somewhat strange to be present only in the mirror,it’s what Kierkegaard callls the esthetic stage of man.The passing to the ethical stage cannot be done in front of the mirror.It’s a virtue that lies hidden,doesn’t show itself.Good,if such a thing exist in the world,should be visible and appear in the mirror, which doesn’t happen.Missing quality,the good receives from people a fictional use.

The tatoo
 A crossed spider,some say that lethal,lowers himself from the the ceiling and increases in volume over an anti-Christ,choking his guts crossed in a prayer. Breaking with his claw foot after another until it falls out of balance decreasing on the abdomen of this dark beast.This looks through the optical prisms of his visual acuity at the life that struggles helpless in halos.No one wants to help,rather wants its extinction in infra-red.With every unfulfilled desire, his soul is slipping into the abyss of evil. It's where he finds similarity to the blue irises.He stretched his hand to the claw in the darkness and in the last moment of hope he glimpsed a sense among the lives of the others. Nothing uplifting in the failure of the act of self-determination with the others,nothing despicable in the satiety of a decadent self.He pulls himself along with the one who knows him by heart and takes his soul in a mirror in his arms.He moves to the right,then to the left that may emerge the systemic excrescences that will recognize immediately as being broken from both by fear. And evil is happening in the cold image.Here is another self on his back that has a heart tattooed in a mirror. If you look through infra-red lenses you can discern the black ink tears and realize that there is the entrance in the court of his secrets only to join but you must assimilate the skill of a souls technician.The other has himself,you don't have you,you say to you and your eyes peer a strange tattoo on your left hand:it's is an anti-Christ out there!

The egg
 In her womb there is an egg.Having a Christ in every ... yellow round.The shape of this prophecy is circular, closes life both with the beginning and the end and opens later the cross path for each synthetic egg. We are born welcomed in the world at a time, hatching in the warmth of a tradition we are going to fulfill with the history of a path of love for the others.But in the end the egg no longer recognizes himself on the cross as master on a holy tradition.He broke from tradition when he loved what overflowed into the identical,the one and truly God.Everything was one as in the beginning,spoken word and fulfilled at once.It is the law he broke through a blind faith in them. I made them free beings, and I taught them that love causes creation,names it besides God never as a blind submission on behalf of a law that binds us tightly to each other canceling our creative potentialities that lie dormant in the dogmatic slumber that defines the verb to be until the dawn of a new religion of love will cease our suffering.Everyone's life begins only once and it is made from the start to cry its heart out how painful is in the world to be hatched in love with the brothers that you see them identical with you. We are born with God by his will, besides all the way along the cross that is so hard to follow when we are asked for the sincerity of our hearts. Locked hard from the moment we glimpsed a feeling of slavery for our identity in the world,we start our lives on a path of a love that does not have ourselves. Instead it has everyone's God, sharing his grace to each other on parallel roads as far as they all lead to a center of your self. Our lives are parallel, only the spoken word and fully understood by each other on the cross in the allknowledge of God directs our lives to the center of love, the same for everyone who turned out from themselves radiating love from the heart center of self salvation.
 An egg that puts in the center the self interrogation is as corrupt by the organic as the sensual pleasures in the placenta will determine later its becoming of its own being in the world through the power to subdue.His love is still for himself, lay in the darkness of the womb where life begins to feel himself worthy of the light that will accede at a term that is natural.Everything alive keeps its integrity even in its absence.That long awaited day begins its labor at the end of which, tired, light shows to a world left in obscurity.He wasn't born, but aborted.

Versus idealism
  We witnessed the degradation of the idealism of Germanic origin when it ceased to be a reckoning force in people's lives.Did this idealism justify on behalf of which happened crimes against humanity,the long wanted desire of cultural supremacy of Germany in Europe during the Second World War? This idealism doesn't live today not even among the neo-nazi groups.We have denied all of it as a false paradigm for what could again draw people than the fear of another war led in its name, this time on an individual level.The romantic idealism remains in history as the engine of a high culture, to which we have escaped its coercion, however, we know to avoid it.Nowadays culture has its definite place, away from those tendencies of domination at which bow all those who walk on its territory.High culture was hidden to the meaning of the world and was beheaded of the once proud,considered by example a Beethoven boldly in the choice of whom devoted his musical pieces.Nietzsche's figure grows once again on the grave of the transcendental idealism,he was first to denied it, fulfilling the prophecy of his death which was not far from us.God is dead, however we try to resuscitate him.The therapy of language healed those who have dropped into the trap of these concepts without end:thing in itself, truth, idea,spirit,etc.The romantic idealism answers all these challenges bravely, with his youthful pride that he took in charge to base the modern science.Everything was lost after a century when he was hermeneutically cracked in postmodernism and lost its genuine expression.

Kingdom of heaven
 The kingdom of conscience is the result that followed the encounter of europeans with genuine judaism during the crusades,Christ doesn't speak anywhere in the Gospels of such a kingdom.The judaic phenomenon couldn't be denied,it was something that happened.Nihilism denies this very thing,the fact that we couldn't deny it and to annul the importance of Christ in history.At the contact with Him arose in Europe a kingdom of conscience ,the last manifestation of this kingdom,nihilism and the mask of Nietzsche who announced the death of God,the fact that we couldn't for so many centuries escape His coercion,denial we are indebted to with the emergence of the kingdom of conscience.

All that we know
 Knowledge beyond what is given in the world ascribes to concepts as thing in itself, God,spirit the explanation of non-existing phenomena.The critic of pure reason put bounds over the possibility of reason of knowing such given phenomena.God must be given in the world in order to know Him,any means to glimpse It, whether called revelation, prayer, religious experience,doesn't bring you anywhere near him.
We know all the sensory data that our bodies at the interaction with the environment they produce? How can we complete the knowledge of the environment? Knowledge can overcome the environment that produced it,in turn knowledge cannot produce healthy environments.After Cioran knowledge is a curse, (who knows how hard it is to have a conscience?), after Nietzsche, an incurable disease (how many years it took me to my recovery?). Under what conditions is knowledge possible?

Free to choose
  I haven't met in my wanderings in the history of the spirit a mental  strong enough to resist the temptation of flesh,a conscience which builds its sense beyond desire in an absolute no way fad or austere,vague and undefined but walked among the too-worldly, a mundaneity of a semi - god. Blessed with madness, Nietzsche somewhat closed himself to that state of psychic tension that instead to  animate his desires has revealed a world of impersonal wills that animates any accidental conglomeration of cells, a world in which every motion or altering of the conservation status tends to domination, this is the living expression at Nietzsche. But to get to the reality of this unchaining of the living, the crushing of it under the constant fire of doubt until the revelation of a world animated by impersonal forces clashing constantly creating tense realities broke the deterministic spectrum of a mental life attached too human-like to this world. For to step beyond and to remain suspended where any drama is impossible, where every trace of living is severely punished isn't the bias of a spirit that thought himself too liberal? Free of choice, free in front of all options that opened before your, going along and alone on this way of life ,vehemently denying all logic creations, all those terminus points of thinking when put in front of them you face a wall as before you finally understand the enigma of the spirit,that you have to risk,what?,only your consciousness maybe, that if you don't choose to turn your eyes from the truth and to look back to the difficult road that leads to the principle of non-contradictory and doing so to shatter it. And then all those who made the wall,as they say,turned their eyes back,they understood the big benefit of the measure of their ignorance, nothing but the foundation of things, a look of an all-knowing, a certainty so relentless that this is the measure of things,that's the way they arise as an opposite of each other. With such certainty Socrates seduced most of the Athenians. And Socrates was given to deliver,God forbade him to give birth, Kierkegaard reminds us.We says that we cannot choose what kind of children we'll have. Each birth is the result of arbitrariness. A logical step in its territory mean, Nietzsche says,that we must admit one more fiction, that of a priori synthetic judgments, and Nietzsche refused to take it into possession, to know the rule of this other world beyond. Perhaps his spirit did not need to soothe his labor in an unconditional much too uncertain prefering a bit of certainty to an abundance of beautiful possibilities. But let's close all possibilities and firmly anchor ourselves in time,be more careful with it,for we don't want to smash it,break it into pieces,ultimately we are humans, not dynamite.

A lost world
 A civilization is inseparable linked to the slave owning mentality. It builds up in time with the work of slaves only to be aborted as an undesirable alterity in the life of those who powered it. Once unbreakable believes that flickered mountains on Earth, the Pyramids of Egypt or the fusion of atoms, now abandoned as dangerous points of convergence with the absolute, whether they are the life after death or atomic power to detter. What survives at last is the act in a life of the concrete needs placed in the masters grasp even if the slaves abandone him or are being punished by it. Mastery is of short duration regardless of tools which it uses, physical or psychological, the whip or the terror. The difference between them is that blood flows always with purpose in our bodies when a reaction of hatred can smoulder years after years in the case of a single man or centuries in the case of nations,only to direct violent energies which may endanger mastery. Mastery does not know any psychology, this is the science of slaves,phenomenological, strongly anchored in the reality of our needs,of what we are but such a psychology cannot rule ever. It lacks missing a guiding meaning of life,which is to be broken subsequently from life which is vital for any civilization.That's why any civilization that sunsets is regarded through the eyes of the slaves as dwelling madness.It has completed its solar cycle of life,enlightened humanity for a while to fall into oblivion.Anthropology may dig up the faith in life after death of the Egyptians but cannot find its current meaning contemporary with life. It remains to cinematic films to give life on screen of such a lost history.

The dogmatic fortress
 The dogmatic fortress stands proud in front of me like a virgin.Master on myself I take the first steps inside.A rarefied air and a deadly silence surround me.It's far from what I have expected.Here inside nothing has life,nothing breaths.A mysterious force pulls me inside confusing my senses as I totter carefully towards the sanctuary.Here I was told I will find the wizard.The wizard's truth I knew it very well.There,locked hard between his objects this one contemplated in his self the ultimate truths he touched in his absence in the world,unquestionable truths given the necessity associated with during their configuration as objects of thinking.Like any dogmatic who seized the truth through a sustain effort of will,destitute of freedom inside a absolute alterity,the wizard followed to seduce me with his truths,to fall into the trap he set for me.Behind all these there it was,his mask.There i needed to unveil his artificial world,this self-sufficient world without any threads with reality.I was sent with a firm mission .The wizard's head has to fall.
 What I was confronted with I hadn't the smallest idea.The prejudice urged me to believe that dogmatism was the safest ground possible but in the same time the most barren.Nobody could quench his thirst of knowledge walking into the dogmatic desert.The wizard must know without fail this truth,at least he is true with himself,the source is too salty for other to quench their thirst.He was awaiting for me and I knew most of the seekers who never came back to reality after entering the dogmatic fortress,facing the wizard.I knew also all the traps set behind those the mask of the wizard was hidden.The wizard is dead for the world,this cannot see his face.That's why he wears a mask.The meta-physical truth he came to doesn't need proselytes,it's there standing stiff,self-sufficient and it's hard to distinguish between truth and being.Dogma and wizard are one.
 All these words,self-sufficient,superabundance,try to reproduce an existence closed in itself to a high degree contemplative given the fact that the relationship between wizard and the world has been suspended by virtue of an impossible:the reality.What's left behind of a flood?Same happened with the wizard:negation was the flood that drowned reality and buried an entire world.He lives now only for the splendour of his bright ego
 I'm in the middle of the fortress and every movement I make is becoming heavier,my legs are clay.I'm under the wizards spell,a powerful spell which hardly can I break.And wasn't the fate of my predecessors who faced the wizard to fall in dogmatism as long as they thought they accomplish in this their will of power over themselves?The dogmatic being is a moral person,narrow minded and aware of his narrowness ready to offer his morality services to those thirsty of eternity.
 I'm looking for the place the wizard is hidden,only unveiling his mask the questionings and the conversation with yourself will begin.A general survey shows me the traps set by the wizard.The mask is behind the dogmas.These self-sufficient truths you cannot touch even with your eyes and if you do the pain it gives you it will increase you tenfold as a being.The world a dogmatic creates is independent,beyond your control from which the illusion of freedom blends the items together in your conscience.
 I'm here to fulfill your will,I finally hear the wizard's voice.I cannot resist temptation.A new life according to my duty I have towards myself,this is what I expected from the wizard,wisdom.
 It is too late.I can't go back.The fortress closed its gates, I'm caught inside and the wizard's truths I thought presents in the beginning now burn my flesh.I cannot move.Then I hear the wizard's laughter.I felt into the wizard's trap and he's about to transform me into an object.Terrified I'm trying to communicate with him but my words fade in out,the wizard is silent,he's just a mask.My transformation in a tag has begun.In a few minutes I will set traps for the wizard to those thirsty of knowledge.From all my being there will be left nothing more than a clue to the wizard.I'm about to transform myself into a dogma,this poisonous gift I will delude with those who think that will find the kind in all its wisdom.
-Where are you?I ask with a last strain.
-I'm everywhere in my dogmas,I hear a thunderous voice.Your transformation has begun and when completed you will share with me the same conscience adding to my dowry a new category.Your freedom was nothing more than a humour,a first step of weakness.Others will come and will fall into succession one after another until the necessity will pass to a conceptual level.There we will be one.
 I fall to the ground in front of his truth.The conversation with myself has already begun:God allows the explanation of the world as totality but totality doesn't explain God.Aggregation is necessary for the human intellect and practice action,God isn't therefore your freedom to conceive God as totality is given to you.

Heart paranoia
  Life is in pain on this Earth and for what,the perfect crop?Genetically engineered material is poisoning our bodies and for what,to grow in strength?We can't replace a cyclic tree of life with green boosters.If we want to create this miracle we will have to learn to die of course not in numbers as science fails to protect life but in heart.I know it's a lot of drama but this will happen if we choose to go down in silence and not as heroes.
Do you think that two million years ago when our Solar system was traveling through the most violent part of the galaxy science protected Earth and life from extinction like happened to the dinosaurs before?I don't see a scratch in the recent history of man.We are here older than you think.We are the keepers.
Our paranoia has already laws we can manage to correct in order to avoid an irrational behavior.It's like saying that chaos has no laws which is true,it contains itself from having to do with the law which let me tell you it's honorable;when you want something so bad as the chaos wants,you have to know the law by heart.And I tell you this heart knows more than a stable or unstable love and fear dialectic.Because it's evil.But you already know it:love is not the absence of evil.
Your arbitrary judgement defeats life.It's a bloody collective conscience that knows only two things,making mistakes and seeking freedom,than redemption.This two assets of life make it possible as it is.People like us have to deal with you people on this basis.You think that if you can count time forward you have to take your lives in the same direction?You say to yourself,we have a heart,we don't need miracles.You've killed countless of us,Jesus,Hypatia,Joan of Arc,Giordano Bruno,most of the saints and apostles of truth only you refuse to believe although your eyes are wide open.They saw the horrors at Auschwitz.It's a scar on human history only your brain lacking in moral analytical receptors you decided to conceal it by an esthetic operation.Every action you take is made to look good in history only between us we know what lies beneath.You are not even close to know the difference between right or wrong yet this doesn't stop you to judge the ones that can make a difference.

  Besides is a word that you draw near when you go beyond the identity of aesthetic formulas. What's besides somehow must be removed to achieve the perfection of form. That's quite a paradox. Next to me stands a 'who' that defines himself when we are together,the sharing of identities taking place between us with a grace given by itself. What defines creation, without which the identity could not become conscious of itself is right beside each other. I'll put you next to me in order to tell me how to improve my art. In fact to have it shared with another became fashionable in recent years.By adjoining a form the original points out that identity is thus decrypted and made intelligible by the relation of sympathy with the new form put together.Together with the next,identity loses its tautological acquisition and becomes by synthesizing with what joins besides,a mathematical principle which will underpin an a priori knowledge. Mathematics responds more effectively to knowledge than physics, it is granted by the depth that characterize both. This word,besides,occurs rather in mathematics than in physics. The latter has no safety. If Archimedes had found a point in space who knows where we would have been orbiting around besides other suns. Besides in math equals one,in physics is more than or equal to one. Besides is thinking's necessary function when one draws his guiding principles from mathematical axioms, together in this case is redundant, unfathomable. Functions work in time and not with time. On the other side and with another method, that of observation, the physics determines what's next by measurement. His place alongside the physical is the facilitator for its laws,he determines what is necessary for knowledge,himself alone being necessary for knowledge. Designed with space,the time of a linear universe shatteres when placed face to face with itself five billion years from now,appropiating his identity from its inception and recreating the big-bang conditions whenever you put two times together. From here one can easily deduce the existence of an infinite number of parallel universes that compensate each other. Consequently besides exist beyond our visible universe and it's the faith of all the metaphysicians besides the physicists are starting to believe.We passed besides in the records of measurable reality, we measured the absolute on the empty scale of numbers and inventoried the many galaxies that are besides us. First metaphysicians of our time were the musical geniuses who understood the circular nature of time and joined musical notes under it, so it was that occurred suspended spheres in Bach's organ music, the idea of destiny in Beethoven's symphonies, the elements unleashed in Stravinsky's ballet music. Music as an art perfected by Bruckner and Wagner along with Hans Rott, the identity of their art as was romantic as their nature. We are finally waking up from the idealization of reality as out of a nightmare that few still want to have it.Reality is again besides us but we've lost our innocence that once accompanied us to idealize it and to believe that we can take it into possession.

 My thirst for knowledge doesn't kill the wonders of the world.These wonders are visible only in times of slow breathing of a history written on the walls of caves (Altamira, Lascaux, Niaux),that inspired an artistic ideal of humanity as the CroMagnon man saw the world around him.The emergence of a new breed, Homo sapiens (between us be told they are cannibals,we don't recognize ourselves as such monsters!We hide ourselves behind a law that for some of us is understood as unfair.)This species learned quickly how to satisfy its hunger with the artistic forms of the CroMagnon understood as animism, the cannibal's hunger is the expression of a religious disability unable to keep distance between action and beauty.And today there is no pornography between virtual crimes that have purgative properties.They won't put you in jail for being a cannibal,for this unpunishable need you have,they will put you in a mental institute and if you behave they even will let you walk the streets,have a family,children,live a happy life and maybe from time to time some human flesh.
The surgery I perform on myself with enough anesthetic to kill a horse,power of my senses to the extreme ends of desire.It happens to me every time I want something in this world,my vital pulsion to be stabbed in the place of its origin,the heart.I delight myself with this pleasure,this pure anthropophagy,thirst and aggressivity of my stylistics.

The vaccine
  They made me a vaccine against the most pure of my emotions and I feel now only at the second person.You are an alien,distant from the world and game in the evening by dead souls. We see more clearly who you are now that you are immunized against your wickedness. In extending of my left hand grows a shell and on the retina lies a network of barbed wire.You have broken clear attributes from me and you have mastered standing absolutes and still evil you remained.You distanced from me when I refused to uncover my ugliness in front of you. With chosen words I continued to show you what it means to have compassion.When I see life through your eyes the self mastery of the killer terrifies me. This is not possible,cannot take place. It's just a crime,you say.I'm a deaf toy to the calls of  those who remained alone. Pulsating with guilt and shame in a creature I'm hiding from you,I do not want to see my reddened face.Perhaps it's measles and nothing else you say. But you don't persuade me at all, measles is contagious, it's from you that I got it.

Remember me
 I watched again in my mind the images of the whole episode of my death and the outcome develops in dizzying details linking them to a photographic composition whose elements are coded more quickly and in a more pronounced contrast towards the end.I've come to map this territory of despair which extends throughout my auditory sense in synesthesia crying over in my late nights that it has ended with this life.Beyond it remain out of control voices of emptiness, a vast dead space that we inhabit and surpasses the organic life that populates with the hope of fulfilling our desires,our beings eroded by the unmerciful time.Now I know what my soul craved for, all this time the moments of celebrating the release of desire instead of quenching them,I collect now from the depths of a consciousness that has been bitterly divided continuously from that time against time itself that dictated me the irreversible way towards my destruction.And I broke! irremediable and irreversible I passed into the eternity of the past moments of yore linking your sweet smile to all that I will never be.

the Edge
 The cutthroats of corpses rushed at the human pile which laid stinking into a pit at the edge of a wall on which their women began weeping.The wall set out the consciousness of other human chaff that had found a brutal way to make fun of existence.Here, on this side thronging to satisfy their hunger with meat scraps and swill that the workers put in the service of the State religion of what was left of their humanity,were throwing those whom they called the unclean.Looking at each of these from up top they seal a pity you will find among those labelled as well as sub-humans.With a habitus that they kept sacred to satisfy the hubris of a sub-species of people that can't be put at work,they were the memorial that needed to be fed to maintain a social balance between good and evil, notions needed to any punitive society that wants from the ruling class,civil rights,they regarded,ravenously on the hunk of meat they were thrown over the wall of lamentations.On the other side of the wall, dressed in overalls and with shovels,the civilized did a cleaning job called order among the pile of corpses that recreated the life of every body part after digital chip they had engraved in their nape.This portion of today came from far away, from the boundaries of such limitations in nature that have forced human nature in an attempt to transcend them.They were backed up beyond the fallen as the prey to the mirage of the encirclement of human action amended again for the attempt to be rewarded.
Let's hurry up the pace,a verbally call leaked from the thick lips of one of the cutters.Tomorrow there shall be a second installment here, without a doubt!
second part,… (Schizoid scherzo II)
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