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August 10, 2010
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  I want to write about you, I want to write how only I know you when I have you besides me in sleepless nights together in worship;there I have you and find my perfect love.Your perfume reveals our love beyond your moist skin and carries me with you in the night longing for fulfillment. And when you say to me goodbye in the morning I remain alone fainting away under your sight,carrying you beyond this world in a self too in love with you.
  Around you my breath deepens. You're a muse too good for my lucid inspiration.You whisper your love to me, that you want me much more for yourself. How much longer can I break from me? Give me time to grow up to you to become an anybody. Let me be yours forever in  the world's vanity, it's my dream that looks like madness.To love you more than myself, to stand in my might to forget you whenever you want me any good.Between our love stands an I that is lost when you caress of me with your look.Now I can be anyone, I can lose myself in the northern hemisphere of insensitiveness. I'll go with you on this road of feelings raising the banner of love with you over the finest feelings of never and forever forgotten. Alone now, I chose to be crazy inlove with you,to be ash after you not just words you always say to stay in my guess after the coffee. Morning shows,the magic of night breaks down,the veil falls over my eyelids and the world falls asleep in a prophecy as your keen on. I wake up from dreaming at noon and wait in the boring daylight for you to carry me again in the night among your whispers of love.
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mertonparrish Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
This is lovely. Artists will understand this, I think. Others may not, but artist-types will.
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